5 tips to remove chewing gum from clothes

You sat in the wrong place and you have chewing gum on clothes. You’ve probably tried to remove it, but whatever you do, there still remains a stain.
Instead of getting angry and throwing your clothes to trash, try some methods that help you solve this problem quickly.

Here are some ideas about how to remove chewing gum from clothing:

1. Freeze the clothes
Pack clothes with chewing gum on the outside and leave them in the freezer for several hours. Chewing gum will freeze and you’ll be able to remove it with a knife. Take care, however, and don’t cut the clothes!

2. Boil the clothes
Put water to boil and then put clothes in hot water. Give some time for chewing gum to soften then be ready to remove it. Take a toothbrush or a blunt knife and clean the area where the gum stuck, until it comes off.

3. Use spirits
Spirit is easy to use on clothes because it does not stain nor fade. To remove chewing gum from jeans, shirt or any other item, pour alcohol on a sponge. Rub the sponge well on the affected area then wait a few minutes for the spirit to take effect.
After the wait is over, take a spoon or spatula and remove the gum. It should be very simple. Afterwards, wash the clothes.

4. Iron the clothes
Put a piece of paper on the ironing board. Put over the piece of clothing you had the misfortune to stick chewing gum on it and iron as you would normally. Chewing gum should stick to the paper sheet and your clothes will remain just good to wear.

5. Use duct tape
Cut a piece of duct tape and stick it on chewing gum, pressing strongly. Try to cover the entire area where the gum stuck.
All you have to do now is to remove the adhesive tape as fast as you can. Normally, it should come off with chewing gum and leave your clothes as they were before the “accident”. If, however, chewing gum could not be removed completely the first time, cut another piece of tape and repeat the process.

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