6 objects and household items you don’t clean as often as you should

In vain you clean every corner of the kitchen, if you are not paying the same attention to other things you touch every day. See 6 items which are completely ignored when it comes to cleaning.

Toothbrush holder should be washed frequently! A National Sanitation Foundation study showed that 27% of toothbrush holders are contaminated with dangerous bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus or E. coli. Clean it with hot soapy water at least twice a week.

If you woke up with a stuffy nose or headache, your pillows could be the main cause. A study showed that cushions both new and old ones, contain bacteria that can cause asthma, dead skin cells, dust mites, mold or other fungi. In addition, synthetic pillows contain more germs because their fibers are woven very well. Wash them in the washing machine.

House or car keys are full of bacteria, and studies show that people never clean them. You can clean them using antibacterial wipes.

Your phone is full of bacteria and its screen is a perfect place for microbes. Always carry antibacterial wipes and clean it as often as you can.

Shoelaces are carrying millions of microorganisms, compared to about 1,000, how many are on the toilet seat. Shoelaces should be cleaned frequently. Simply give them a few minutes in hot water with detergent and put them in the washing machine.

Purse is another object that you take with you everywhere. A bag is dirtier than a toilet floor, and most bacteria are found on the handle. Depending on the material, you can clean it in the washing machine or by using anti-bacterial wipes.

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