6 Sparkly Vinegar Uses To Clean Your Bathroom

It’s not exactly news that white vinegar is a great safe and natural cleaner for all kinds of surfaces. But today I wanted to talk about one place that vinegar is particularly useful. Hence, here we are going to test it out on the bathroom! Bathrooms are a gathering place for all sorts of hard-to-clean messes, but you can tackle almost all of them with the help of vinegar! Keep reading and see the best 7 sparkly uses of vinegar to clean your bathroom effortlessly!

The high acidity level of vinegar helps loosen mineral deposits and dissolve soap scum. Thus, it is perfect for bathroom cleaning! And because it is so acidic, it also is a powerful disinfect. Not to mentions, it is incredibly effective at deodorizing and cutting grease. Check it out!

1. Clean the shower head

If you have hard water, deposits can form on your shower head and slow the flow of water. Vinegar can help dissolve those deposits and get your shower head working properly again! I removed our shower head and placed it in a ziplock bag full of it and let it soak. If you don’t want to remove your shower head, you can place the bag over the shower head in the shower, and use a rubber band to hold it in place. Let the shower head soak for a few hours, or overnight. When it’s done soaking, just give it a scrub with a sponge or brush and watch the grime disappear!

2. Clean the mirror

Mix up a solution of 1 part water and 1 part white vinegar, and use it to clean your bathroom mirrors. Thus, it is a great cleaner and leaves a streak-free shine.

3. Remove toilet stains

Deposits under the rim of your toilet bowl can be really hard to clean! To help dissolve the deposits and make them easier to scrub away, grab a few paper towels and your trusty bottle of white vinegar. Soak a wad of paper towels with it, then tuck the towels up under the rim of your toilet bowl. Let it work its magic for a few hours, then remove the paper towels and scrub clean.

4. Clear the drain

Got a stopped-up or slow-moving drain in your bathroom? Clear the drain with white vinegar, a bit of baking soda, and some good old hot water.

5. Clean the faucets

Hard water can quickly build up around your faucet and faucet handles. Find out how I used white vinegar to dissolve those stubborn deposits around my bathtub handles!

6. Erase the soap scum

Furthermore, no one wants to spend hours scrubbing soap scum in their bathtub or shower. But with a little help from vinegar, you don’t have to! Use this powerful cleaner that powers through tough soap scum without the need for endless scrubbing.

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