6-Step Tutorial To Clean White Converse Sneakers

You love the Converse sneakers? Well, we love them too. They are comfortable, versatile and can take your outfit out from the crowd. But when they get dirty they give us headache, especially the white ones. So we decided to tell you what to do to make your favorite Converse sneakers clean again.

Step 1

First of all, you must have on hand a bowl of lukewarm water, 1 plain bar of soap, toothpaste and an old toothbrush. Yes, you read right. Then, remove the laces and put them in the washing machine or, if you’re not running out of time, in another pot with water for several minutes. Thus, the cleaning process will be easier.

Step 2

If you checked the first step requirements, put your sneakers for a minute or two under running cold water. It’s important to keep this in mind as the rubber sole of the sneaker deforms while the temperature is high. So be careful.

Step 3

Now that you have checked the second step, let’s start the cleaning process. Dip the soap a little in lukewarm water, then make circular movements with the toothbrush on its surface.

Step 4

Once checked the step no. 3, carefully brush the entire surface of the sneaker using the toothbrush. Then use toothpaste instead of soap to obtain a more intense white.

Step 5

To remove the excess soap and the toothpaste, you must put the sneakers under running water again. It is necessary to make sure that the water has a low temperature to avoid the sole’s deforming. Rinsing must be done carefully to prevent staining.

Step 6

All you have to do now is to leave your sneakers out to dry. Unlike the colored sneakers that need to be placed in shaded areas to avoid discoloration, the white ones can be left to dry in areas with plenty of sunshine. Thus, they will gain a stronger white.

It’s not that difficult, right?

Image Credits: Rachel Teodoro

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