7 Unexpected Uses of Your Clothes Steamer

Steam cleaners are incredibly useful and effective when it comes to cleaning your home. Steam vapor is naturally sanitizing and deodorizing and when it penetrates surfaces it destroys mold spores, germs, viruses, dust mites, and bacteria (no chemicals needed.) Handheld clothes steamer is a lot cheaper than full-size steam cleaners. Today I’ll be sharing ways you can use an affordable clothes steamer to clean things all over your house!

If you already have a clothes steamer at home, then you probably already know how useful they can be for keeping your clothes wrinkle-free. They also save on space, since storing a handheld steamer requires a lot less space than storing a bulky ironing board. Using your clothes steamer to also help keep things clean around the house is a no-brainer! And if you don’t have a handheld clothes steamer at home, I think this post will give you a few good reasons to consider buying one.

1. Remove Grease
Use your clothes steamer to help clean up greasy buildup around your stove and oven. Just point your steamer at any greasy or grimy spots, and the mess will loosen up making it easy to wipe away.

2. Clean Grout
If the grout on your backsplash could use some TLC, grab your clothes steamer! The steam will loosen up the mess on your grout, then you can just wipe it clean. In addition to cleaning your grout, you’ll be sanitizing your grout too!

3. Sanitize Counters
Use your clothes steamer to help clean and sanitize your countertops without the use of additional chemicals. Steam is hot enough to kill most kinds of germs, so it can be an easy way to stay healthy during cold and flu season!

4. Car Clean-Out
Spills that get into the nooks and crannies of your car interior are tricky to clean up. Use your clothes steamer to help loosen up those sticky messes, and they’ll be much easier to wipe up afterwards!

5. Windows & Mirrors
Using a steamer can help you get a streak-free shine on your mirrors and windows. Apply steam to the glass surface from top to bottom, then wipe the condensed water downwards in multiple passes using a squeegee. You won’t leave any streaks behind, because you won’t need to wipe it down!

6. Remove Rug Stains
A small steamer is the perfect tool for spot treating small stains. Aim the nozzle towards the stain, and allow the steam to help loosen it up. Then just blot the stained area with a clean rag or paper towel to absorb the stain!

7. Refresh Upholstery
Use your steamer to freshen up your curtains, bedding, and furniture. The steam will help loosen any dust or grime, and give it a shiny finish that will make it look brand new!

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