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How To Clean & Deodorize Your Fridge Naturally

I have to admit, the thing most in need of a good cleaning was the inside of my refrigerator! I started with one of my most trusted and effective cleaning ingredients, vinegar. Since I’ve had success with the cleaning power of heated vinegar on previous times, that’s what I went with for this cleaner recipe. Keep reading and see how …

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Make Your Granite Worktops Sparkle With This DIY Cleaner

Granite has a beautiful and timeless look to it, which makes it a very popular material for kitchen countertops. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, granite can also be an attractive choice because it’s a very hard substance, which makes it resistant to heat and scratches. But that doesn’t mean that granite countertops are damage-proof! Granite may be hard, but …

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How To Clean Stainless Steel Appliances In Under 5 Minutes

The best way to clean stainless steel appliances might also be the worst nightmare. The trouble is that I really like to try things out myself before I share them. Luckily enough, I got to try this on two stainless steel appliances. It works out miraculously so don’t be surprised if you see it as a miracle. For me, it …

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The Safest Way To Clean Your Glass Cooktop

Cleaning a glass stovetop is one of the most difficult tasks because you need to deal with special care. Thus, after months of making delicious food, the stovetop definitely needs some attention. It was my fault though, letting those simple spills on a glass stovetop longer than I should. They quickly turn into a tough mess, so I need a …

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2-Ingredient Solution To Clean Grimy Kitchen Cabinets

Cleaning grimy kitchen cabinets is quite hard, especially if those are there for a long time. Not to mention, we also need the right ingredients that are efficient. Making a little research, I find out that you can actually get rid of those greasy splatters with oil! Crazy, right? Well, I think there’s something to it because I tried it …

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