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The Best DIY Mattress Cleaning Powder You’ll Ever Need

We all know you should clean your mattress regularly, but if you’re anything like me, you find yourself staring at your mattress thinking, how did it get that dirty? It’s not really an item that can be thrown in the wash. And short of calling a professional carpet cleaning service in to handle it, it can seem like it isn’t …

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5 Effective Methods to Remove Rust From Metal

Rust is a form of iron oxide that forms in the presence of water or air humidity. Any iron-made object will be completely covered with rust and will disintegrate if exposed to prolonged humidity. Rust is the common term for iron and iron alloys (such as steel) corrosion. Here are the most effective methods to remove rust from metal: Vinegar …

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The Most Effective Method to Get Rid of Gnats

We can use some simple and very cheap tricks to mitigate these unpleasant effects created by the nasty gnats. You need: – 200 ml of warm water – 100 g of brown or white sugar – 1 g of yeast – 1 PET This is the most effective recipe to get rid of gnats in the house! Cut the PET …

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The Best Drain Cleaner For Clogs And Smells

Baking soda and vinegar, when combined, have a chemical reaction which makes it fizz and foam. This reaction, when it happens in a slow drain, can help physically remove the clog which is slowly building up in your drain, cleaning it naturally and safely. You need: – 1 cup baking soda – 1 cup white vinegar – 1 gallon boiling …

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How To Clean Your Ugg Boots – 7-Step Guide

As we all have noticed, Ugg boots became a must have. Comfortable and durable, the Ugg boots are made of a material that allows ventilation and can be worn both in winter and summer. These sheepskin shoes are hard to clean, especially during winter when they get dirty faster. Here are some practical tips to remove stains from Ugg boots: …

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