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Homemade room deodorant spray (harsh chemicals free)

Making your own air freshener spray is easy. Besides being able to customize the smells that you like, you will be using a product free of harmful synthetic chemicals held by commercial air fresheners. Although we are inundated with ads about how good they smell their fresheners, these trademarks do not indicate that they are full of synthetic chemicals that …

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Homemade toilet bowl cleaner

Popsugar has great stuff! Always a winner. Thank you for sharing this lovely cleaner idea. Make scrubbing your bathroom easier with the help of a homemade toilet bowl cleaner that really works. And this commode cleanser leaves your room nice and fresh and costs just about nothing to make. Vinegar and baking soda mix together to create serious bubbling action, …

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Homemade natural window cleaner

Let the sun shine through clean windows with the help of this homemade window cleaner. 100% natural and easy to make. Test it on your windows right away! Save some cash while being eco-clean by making your own homemade window cleaner. Instead of dirty, streaky windows, you’ll enjoy the view through your freshly cleaned panes that smell wonderful to boot. …

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Yellow stains on clothes? Learn how to remove them!

Maintaining a beautiful appearance of the clothes seems to be a difficult task with time passing. Almost every woman is forced to lead a no-ending war against common stains left after sweating which don’t disappear just by a simple washing process. Have you noticed yellow stains on your clothes? Here’s how to get rid of them! How to remove yellow …

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5 tips to remove chewing gum from clothes

You sat in the wrong place and you have chewing gum on clothes. You’ve probably tried to remove it, but whatever you do, there still remains a stain. Instead of getting angry and throwing your clothes to trash, try some methods that help you solve this problem quickly. Here are some ideas about how to remove chewing gum from clothing: …

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