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6 objects and household items you don’t clean as often as you should

In vain you clean every corner of the kitchen, if you are not paying the same attention to other things you touch every day. See 6 items which are completely ignored when it comes to cleaning. Toothbrush holder should be washed frequently! A National Sanitation Foundation study showed that 27% of toothbrush holders are contaminated with dangerous bacteria such as …

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How to clean stainless steel household items

Stove cooker, sink, refrigerator, or other stainless steel kitchen surfaces need special products for cleaning. See how to clean the stainless steel kitchen items quickly and easily. Essential rule to clean stainless steel surfaces To clean stainless steel surfaces correctly you need a product that does not leave streaks, that cleans and disinfects, which polishes shine without scratching the metal. …

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How to clean Persian rugs without damaging them

There are several ways to clean a carpet. Two of the most common methods for carpet cleaning: dry cleaning and steam cleaning. There is the chemical cleaning solution too, but this is the most difficult because it requires lifting the carpet and move it to a specialized center. Dry carpet cleaning way is what we do every time we use …

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How to unclog drains without harsh chemicals in seconds !

Bathroom or kitchen drain clogging is an issue that frequently happens if you’re not trying to keep pipes clean and protect them. However, if you end up with a clogged drain, you have to learn how to fix it. Here are some of the most common and effective ways. Special solutions There are all kinds of gels or powders that …

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How to remove pet hair from the carpet easily

Animal hair or hair that naturally falls from stress, drugs and pollution gather on some fabrics and it cleans hardly enough when you vacuum? See how to quickly clean hair from carpets with a few tricks and DIY solutions. Moistened cloth A cotton cloth moistened and rubbed well over carpet full of hair should resolve the issue. Whether is the …

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