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How to clean tile grout (Homemade Cleaner)

If you clean before holidays, you should not neglect tile joints. We show you how to effectively and simply clean them. You need only two ingredients! Homemade grout cleaner The best way to clean tile joints is a homemade one. You need: – 3 parts laundry bleach – 1 part of sodium bicarbonate Mix the two ingredients until they form …

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How to remove makeup stains from your clothes

Nothing is more annoying than to ruin your clothes with makeup stains. You must admit that it happened to you at least once when a favorite dress or shirt was throw as new because traces of makeup. Fortunately, most makeup stains can be removed with the right solutions and little patience. Liquid foundation Foundation stains are some of the most …

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7 household items you don’t clean as often as you should

You think you have a clean house? Think it over! You’ll be surprised how many dirty places you have in the house, without even realize. Here are the of germs “vacuums” from your home. 1. Dishwasher Why should you wash the dishwasher? Water and detergent just pass through it daily, right? Well, in the dishwasher does not pass only water …

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15 household uses for vinegar

You use it on salads, sauces and maybe on cleaning the windows. But did you know you can use vinegar almost anywhere in the household? 1. Clean the coffee machine Mix two cups of water with a cup of undiluted vinegar and put the solution in the coffee machine. Start it and repeat the process two or three times before …

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How to clean and disinfect the shower

In summer, we all prefer to take a shower. It is faster and more economically. But the shower needs to be cleaned. Lime and soap stains or mildew from grout and tray should be cleaned periodically. If you go on vacation at the hotel, it’s good to disinfect the cabin for your family safe. Cabin walls They are usually made …

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