How To Clean Your Knife Block Properly

I don’t know about you, but I store all my kitchen knives in a wooden knife block in my kitchen. I find it to be very useful, keeping it out of reach from little fingers and for easy access for while I’m cooking. Another benefit of keeping them in the knife block is that it minimizes the risk of cutting fingers if stored in the drawer. Keep reading this article and see the easy steps on how to clean the knife block and keep the knives sharp.

Do you have any idea how dirty knife blocks can get? Dust and small food particles can quite easily fall into the knife block making it very unhygienic. Hence, you should get right on it to make sure everything is spotless.

Easy Steps You Should Do To Clean Your Knife Block Quickly:

1. Remove and wash all knives.

2. Turn block upside down and shake out as much dirt as you can.

3. Use your vacuum cleaner to suck up or a hairdryer to blow out any remaining dust and dirt.

4. To kill any germs or bacteria hiding in each slot dip a clean pipe cleaner into vinegar, insert the pipe cleaner into the slot and give a gentle scrub, this will also remove any crumbs that may be stuck.

5. Wipe over knife block with a homemade reusable cloth. Here is how to make it:

The ingredients you need:

– 1/2 cup water
– 1/2 cup vinegar
– 6 drops lavender oil
– 2 drops of your favorite essential oil
– 1 teaspoon detergent
– a Microfiber cloth
– Large airtight jar

Start by placing the cloth into a large jar and then combine water, vinegar, essential oil and detergent. Then, mix them well to combine and pour liquid over the cloth and seal the jar. That’s it, it is ready to use!

6. Leave block to air-dry thoroughly.

Hence, the last thing to do is to return the knives to block. However, ensure they are completely dry. You have to make sure because if you soak the knife block in soapy water, the wood may swell. Furthermore, you may as well sharpen your knives while you’re at it. Thus, a great tip would be to store your knives in the knife block with the blades facing up, this way you will keep the blades sharp as they aren’t scraping against the wooden block.

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