DIY Cleaner To Get Spotless & Shiny Silverware

There’s a fancy dinner waiting to happen and you notice your silverware is rusty, with dark spots and gunk all over. You probably want to use that beautiful silverware you knew once had. Thus, check out this article and see a great DIY cleaner to get spotless and shiny silverware.

It is quite simply, really. The ingredients you will need:

– baking soda
– hydrogen peroxide

This is how I usually prepare it:

First off, I don’t store this mixture.

I find it easier to simply mix it up as needed.

I start with a small bowl and then I add as much baking soda as I think I’ll need for the job.

Then, I just slowing pour in the hydrogen peroxide until I have made a thick paste.

If you happen to get a little more hydrogen peroxide then you would like and it becomes runny, simply add more baking soda. It’s that simple, ladies.

Then, using a glob of the mixture I start rubbing it on the silverware stains. However, if you have sensitive skin I would suggest wearing gloves. I don’t because I find rubbing with my fingers the most effective at getting the gunk off whatever I’m working on. You could certainly use a sponge or something similar too.

For me, this was a perfect DIY cleaner treatment to get that cutlery spotless and shiny again. It is simple and will definitely impressive for your fancy dinner. Try it out and let me know how it went down for you, you shouldn’t have any problem using this!

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