DIY Natural Solution To Clean Your Flat Iron Like A Pro

Once again, it is time to check out another nasty appliance in your house. That’s right, I am talking about our flat iron, ladies! Why does it look that bad? Well, let me tell you. We get to straighten our hair every day. Not to mention, we also use a fair amount of hairspray. Thus, when you use the flat iron on your hair, you end up with a serious case of gunk build-up on your flat iron. But it doesn’t have to look that bad. Check out here a DIY natural solution to clean your flat iron like a pro!

In the past, I would simply buy a new one because I couldn’t find anything effective to clean it off. However, I couldn’t do this now since I just got a perfect flat iron that does miracles! Hence, I want to tell, a homemade solution is just what it takes to get it clean. Nothing more! So, let’s try it out, we have nothing to lose.

As you probably noticed, the gunk build-up is approaching a serious level of gross which means it is that time you clean it.

Here we go, you only need the following ingredients:

– baking soda
– hydrogen peroxide

Just follow the instructions, it is quite easy:

1. Make a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

2. Then, start rubbing it in with your fingers. It will immediately take all but the thickest parts of gunk off with hardly any effort at all.

3. However, make sure you don’t get any cleaner or water inside the iron that would mess up the electrical stuff. Thus, carefully keep the cleaning mixture just on the plates themselves.

4. Then, use a wet rag to wipe it all off instead of rinsing it.

My flat iron looks and feels like new! I hope yours does too!

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