DIY Stain Remover Spray

Get rid of blemishes with this amazing DIY stain remover spray. Target tough marks with an all-natural stain remover that really works.

Stains are difficult to remove, and trying to find the perfect cleaner isn’t easy. Some work for one type of stain while leaving others. And name-brand mark removers can be expensive! Try mixing together your own to use for tackling tough stains with ingredients you probably already have on hand. And this stain remover only costs pennies to make.

You will need these ingredients: small mixing bowl, whisk, 1/2 cup dishwashing liquid, 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol, 6 tablespoons baking soda, 1 1/2 cups warm water, funnel (optional) and a small spray bottle.

Mix all ingredients and pour the resulted liquid in a spray bottle. Apply on the stains and leave it to act 10-20 minutes and you will see amazing results!

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