How Do I Get Rid Of Caterpillars In My House?

I’ve been living in my apartment for over 8 years and I dealt with all sort of scourges, but this summer I got the creeps when caterpillars invaded my home. How did they get inside, don’t know, but I do want to know how to send them outside!

More precisely, this week I saw some brown caterpillars crawling in the living room, on the floor, furniture, coffee table and it was disgusting. I can deal better with kitchen roaches, but caterpillars give me shivers. So, I put on a pair of rubber gloves and handpicked them, but they keep reappearing. I applied some chemical insecticides, but it didn’t work, because one morning I woke up with a caterpillar crawling on me. Only when I think about it makes me puke. Honestly, I wanted to move out and leave the whole apartment for them.

After searching all over the internet for an effective solution to get rid of caterpillars something caught my eye. So, I buckled up with some patience and I used the below steps to fumigate the apartment from those hairy caterpillars.

Needed Tools:

  • Broom
  • Rubber gloves
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Demand CS
  • How to get rid of caterpillars indoors?

  • Use the broom to brush caterpillars off the walls, ceiling, windowsill…just brush out every inch of your apartment.
  • Now, using the same broom or another one, start brushing every piece of furniture in your apartment, and pay attention to scrub every fold and crevices because caterpillar larvae can hide in there.
  • Put on the rubber gloves and start plucking caterpillars around your house. It’s advisable to kill them immediately because they can move very fast.
  • Check your green corner. Caterpillars may hide on your houseplants and it’s better to check each leaf and pluck the caterpillars by hand or use the water jet to remove them.
  • Start vacuuming intensively each corner of your house to grab all the caterpillars. Right after finishing vacuuming empty the dirt bag outside and then wash it in the washer at high temperature.
  • The last move is to apply a powerful insecticide and Demand CS is one of the best caterpillar insecticides you can find on the market. However, you can use dematoceous earth to control caterpillars indoors by sprinkling it around the baseboards, windowsill, and in the houseplants pot.
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