How Do I Keep Silverfish Out Of My Bedroom?

Dealing with a silverfish infestation is beyond imagination. These creepy skin-crawling insects are one of the worst curses someone can face, after roaches and millipedes that can destroy with their excrements a lot of things such as: books, wallpapers and some of your clothes.

These creepy bugs don’t bite or spread any diseases among humans. They just hang around us because they love feasting on paper, glue, dry goods, and cereal box. However, I just don’t like their presence as they’re pretty much disgusting, and it just gave me the creeps when I woke one of these mornings with a silverfish in my bed. Gross! Why do they exist, anyway?

How to get rid of silverfish indoors?

  • Sprinkling some food grade diatomaceous earth around baseboards or other areas where you’ve spotted the silverfish. Put it in all areas where they like to hide, including cracks and small holes.
  • Put something starchy in a jar wrapped with masking tape. The poor suckers will climb up to get the food, then won’t be able to get out.
  • Put out some cedar, or spray crevices with cedar oil. Silverfish reportedly don’t like the stuff, and steer clear.
  • Some people report that dried bay leaves are an effective insect repellant. Insects don’t like the smell.
  • Don’t leave piles of newspaper, ephemera or mail lying around. Similarly, get rid of old cardboard boxes in the basement.
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