How Do You Repel Snakes From Your House?

This is the weirdest thing it happened to my uncle! As he’s living in the countryside by the lake, he often deals with snakes in the yard, until he found out how to control them and keep them at a distance.

Of course, they are not poisonous, but it not so pleasant in seeing a snake crawling into the garden. So, one day when we went visiting my uncle, we had lunch on the porch and this nasty snake start crawling under the table and hissing at us. We all freeze! God, it was terrifying! Even if the snake isn’t poisonous, in those moments your mind is playing tricks on you, imagining that you have Black Mamba staring at you.

But, the freaky situation didn’t stop there! When Anna, my aunt, got into the house, she started screaming and running because she almost stepped on another snake! God, what’s with the snake invasion?
So my uncle, the snake master, heroically managed to get rid of the snakes, and I will tell you how in case we are not the only ones in this awkwardly-crawling situation.

  • Fortunately, most snakes found inside the house are relatively small. They wander in through small holes, cracks and entrances looking for either food or shelter. The simplest way to get them out is to throw a towel, blanket, or similar material and scoop them up before removing them from the house. At least that’s what my uncle did to send that crawling bastard out.
  • Funnel traps are available but tend to not be very reliable.
  • Another effective method is using a glue pad. Place it near a wall where the snake is likely to slither. Release the snake by taking it away from the home and pouring vegetable oil over it, which will eventually dissolve the glue and free the snake.
  • Prevent Snakes From Getting Into The Yard & House

  • Remove weeds, excess vegetation, piles of debris and any other areas where snakes can hide.
  • Lawn maintenance is also important so mow your yard regularly. This will also help with controlling mice and other insects.
  • Keep all firewood piles elevated from the ground.
  • Don’t use birdseeds or baths and clean up fruits and nuts that have fallen onto your lawn. This is mostly to eliminate rodents and other food supplies.
  • Inspect and seal any crevices around the foundation of your house to keep snakes from getting inside.
  • Install screens over vents and seal openings around plumbing that is entering or exiting your home.
  • Store lumber and woodpiles at least 2 feet off the ground.
  • Keep compost piles in a closed container to keep snakes and rodents away from your house.
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