Humane And Less Humane Methods To Stop Pocket Gophers From Destroying Your Garden

There are a lot of different types of gophers in America, but the ones you are trying to get rid of are definitely pocket gophers – these are the ones destroying your plants and crops.

Well, getting rid of these subterranean dwellers, isn’t easy, but is not impossible! And when you’ll see the amount of dirt mounds in your lawn or your plants roots chewed, you’ll definitely find the perfect solution to put this destroying chewer on the run.

Of course, there are humane and less humane methods to get rid of pocket gophers, but you decide which one method is suitable for that little rodent from your garden. If it really grind your gears then you will probably try the hard way, otherwise, you can try some easy methods to put them on the run.

The easiest way in stopping pocket gophers from destroying your lawn is to call the Gopher Patrol. This way you’ll eradicate all gophers in your yard and stop them dinning with your plant roots. One visit will be enough to have a gopher-free yard. They will poison/gas all the holes and there’s no way some animal to survive. Moles, voles, groundhogs will also disappear if they are hiding in the tunnels.

Humane methods to get rid of pocket gophers

This will require some hard work and patience, but never ever doubt the power of predator urine or Juicy Fruit.
Flood the tunnels and drown the rodent
Cover all the holes used by gophers to come out to the surface, connect one end of the hose to the water source and the other end in the hole. Now, fill the tunnels with water and if the gopher won’t have time to run it will definitely drown.

Gas them with carbon monoxide

Did you know that carbon monoxide is poisonous and will kill any existing underground rodent?
Well, just connect one end of a long hose to the car exhaust pipe and put the other end in the hole you left uncover. Turn the car on for 15 minutes and it will release poisonous carbon monoxide in the tunnel which will help you in getting rid of gophers in the yard.

Juicy Fruit

This method blew my mind! Even if there’s no scientific research using this method, there are many forums where people say it works.
Put on latex gloves so gophers won’t sense human scent. Unwrap a piece of gum and drop it in the gopher hole. It seems that gophers will eat the gum which will get stuck on their intestines. Crazy, huh?

Predator urine

Dogs, cats are the best gopher hunters. Either you call your pets for help or you can spread their urine around the gopher hole and yard to put them on the run.

Gopher repellent plants

Some plants are just not an option for gophers to eat. The way I hate eating dill and you can repel me with it, the same way gophers hate eating Euphoria Lathyris, daffodils, marigolds, castor beans. So, grow these plants in the perimeter of your garden or near the gopher holes. They will run faster than Forest.

Gopher traps

Various rodent traps are available online and in home improvement stores which will help you catch them. Before handling a gopher trap, put on rubber gloves so the gopher don’t sense human scent.

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