Natural Hacks To Keep Mice Away From Your House

There is no houseowner on this planet who wants to share their room with mice, even if, at some point, you’ll probably have to deal with these pesky rodents. Once the weather cools down, mice will try to make their nest in your home, where is warm and cozy and plenty of food waiting for them to eat.

Some of us are familiar with the feeling of “something just moved in the corner of the room” that scares the hell out of you. Then, you see mice dropping along the baseboards, in the pantry, attic, under the bed, and so on. Well, dears, that’s the moment when you have to act in getting rid of these disease-transmitting rodents.

Prevent mice from getting in your home

It’s good to know what scares mice away! They actually can’t stand the smell of peppermint and it puts them on the run.

So, before weather cools down it’s better to apply the following methods:

  • Place a potted peppermint plant near the doorway to prevent mice from getting into the house. As a bonus, you can use peppermint to flavor your dishes.
  • Prepare a peppermint mixture from 20 drops of peppermint oil and 200 ml of water. Put the mixture in a sprayer and spray each entry point of the house, such as window sills, doorsteps and doorway. Repeat this procedure every 3 days.

Glue traps for mice

  • Action: glue traps for mice are applied to the cardboard, piece of plastic or wood. Such mice traps are installed along the route of a mouse (behind the refrigerator or behind the cupboards). As house mice are smart enough, they quickly remember dangerous places and avoid them. Therefore, a mouse bait is placed so that mice do not have the opportunity to skip it. Reacting to the mouse bait, the pest gets into the glue and gets stuck.
  • Efficiency: the glue traps for mice method is rather difficult to use, mice don’t always get stuck in the adhesive mice traps. And for the owners the glue traps for mice are not the best way, as they will see how the stuck animal is suffering and squeaking. In specialized stores you can buy CRANACH Glue Boards, Tomcat glue traps for mice.
  • Duration of action: the glue traps for mice remain sticky for a long time until covered with dust, dirt or water. In this case, glue traps for mice must be replaced.
  • Potential harm: this method is not suitable for houses with pets. Another drawback is that glue traps for mice can stain the floor, carpet or furniture.
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