How To Remove Hard Water Buildup From Bathtub And Shower Glass

It’s time to say “farewell” to limescale. Below you will find the best tips that will help you remove the mineral deposits from the sink and shower.

Minerals are very good for our body, but they are not so great when they turn into unsightly rings on the sink, tub or shower.

If your home has access to hard water, you know exactly what you are facing. Rings formed on the bathtub, dirty taps and the shower glass that looks like it belongs to a cheap motel decor.

How to use white vinegar to get an immaculate shine

First, make sure the bathroom door and windows are open because the smell of vinegar can be overwhelming. Fill a spray bottle with some white vinegar and add a dash of lemon juice to reduce the pungent smell.

Washing and removing limescale rings from the tub and sink area:

Spray this concoction over the unsightly rings and let it act for an hour. Try to remove the limescale with soap and water. If the limescale rings do not give any sign of giving up the fight, continue to spray the solution over the affected area once an hour until the stains completely disappear.

Solution for dirty shower doors:

Spray the shower glass with the vinegar mixture and immediately wipe away with a paper towel. Repeat the procedure once or twice, or until the glass will again be perfectly clean and transparent.
Used once a week, this method will help you keep your shower cabin clean.

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