How to Remove Paint Splatters from your Clothes

If you have recently painted around the house, it probably looks wonderful. However, can you say the same thing about your clothes? I know for sure that the clothes must look terrible, especially if they have paint splatters. Not to mention, if this is the case for your favorite clothes, then you should treat the issue immediately. Keep reading and find out how to remove the paint splatters from your clothes.

There is an effective solution you could try and you will definitely be surprised what it is!

Okay, without further ado, it turns out that you can use hand sanitizer to remove paint splatter from clothing. amazing right? It is not all there is to it, but I admit it sounds quite strange. After some research, I find out that the ethanol in the hand sanitizer acts as a solvent. Thus, it helps to dissolve the paint and ultimately remove it from the fabric.

Here’s what you will need to get the paint splatters out from your clothes:

– A paint-splattered item of clothing
– Regular gel hand sanitizer
– An old toothbrush

Now, let’s proceed with this miraculous solution:

1. Lay your clothing item out on a flat surface. It’s much easier to scrub the splatters against a flat surface, versus holding it in your hands.

2. Apply a generous squirt of hand sanitizer to your old toothbrush, then work the hand sanitizer into the paint splatters. Scrub at the stains using small, circular motions, and the globs of paint will eventually start to loosen. Don’t be afraid to add more as needed.

3. Be patient and keep at it, adding more hand sanitizer to your toothbrush as needed. It may take a while for the paint to come out, but you want to ensure that the paint is removed completely before proceeding. For particularly stubborn paint, you can also add some rubbing alcohol as well. The two combined seem to be especially effective.

4. When you’re finished scrubbing, wash and dry your item as usual.

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