How To Safely Clean Microfiber

How to clean microfiber furniture? Well, that’s the question that I struggle with all the time. There is quite a lot of things to consider before going in. For instance, microfiber is a synthetic fiber with very thin strands that can be made to look like suede or leather. Hence, this makes for an attractive and affordable fabric for sofas and couches. However, it gets stains quite quickly which become hard to get rid of if you don’t clean them right away. Keep reading and see the tricky steps you need to follow for a proper cleaning.

Also, keep in mind that you can’t use soap and water to clean it. It will end up with water rings that can end up making the whole thing look worse. Let’s avoid that.

1. Check the type of your microfiber

Thus, before you get to cleaning, you will need to determine which type of microfiber furniture you have. There should be a tag somewhere on the furniture that has codes on it. If you are lucky enough to have furniture with a W tag, then you can probably stop reading, because you’re in the clear to use most cleaning solutions

2. The cleaning process

Now you’re probably wondering what sort of solution you are supposed to use. Well, microfiber is polyester-based, so most things that can be used to clean polyester can also be used to clean microfiber, like rubbing alcohol. Also, you could use a clear alcohol like vodka.

Then, to clean the microfiber, load up a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol, or pop a spray top right onto the bottle, and spray the soiled areas of your sofa. Use a clean cloth to blot and gently rub at the stains to lift them out of the fabric.

3. How to make the microfiber soft again

After cleaning microfiber, many people run into another problem: the fabric feels stiff to the touch after being cleaned. Luckily there’s a simple solution to this issue, which is to gently rub the stiff fibers with a clean, soft scrub brush, or the scrubby side of a clean sponge. This step fluffs up the fibers of the fabric, making it soft and plush again.

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