The Safest Way To Clean Your Glass Cooktop

Cleaning a glass stovetop is one of the most difficult tasks because you need to deal with special care. Thus, after months of making delicious food, the stovetop definitely needs some attention. It was my fault though, letting those simple spills on a glass stovetop longer than I should. They quickly turn into a tough mess, so I need a good way to clean my glass stovetop without damaging it.

I discovered this method, which involves a few of my favorite cleaning products. I immediately gave it a try on my glass stovetop, and let me tell you how amazing it was! It turned out looking as clean and shiny as the day it was installed. Here’s how the method works, so you can do it on your glass stovetop at home!

First off, you will need the following ingredients:

– White vinegar
– Spray bottle
– Baking soda
– Dawn dish soap
– Towel
– Brush

Now, simply follow the instructions:

1. First, you need to pour the white vinegar into a small spray bottle. Then, use this to spray the vinegar evenly onto your stovetop.

2. Then sprinkle baking soda evenly across your stovetop. The baking soda will react with the vinegar, creating a fizzy cleaner that will loosen up grease and grime.

3. Next, put a few drops of Dawn into a bucket or your sink, and fill it with hot water.

4. Dunk your towel into the soapy water, then wring it out lightly so that it’s wet but not dripping.

5. Spread the wet towel over the stovetop, covering the baking soda and vinegar. Let it steam it for about 15 minutes. I like this because the dish soap will help cut through greasy messes. After 15 minutes, remove the towel.

6. Next, it all depends on how dirty your stovetop is. Thus, you might want to give it a good scrub to help loosen any stains or grime. For this, you should use a stiff-bristled scrub brush.

7. Finally, wipe away the remaining baking soda.

8. Then, finish off with another spray with the vinegar, and use a microfiber cloth to buff it to a sparkling shine. Nice!

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