What Is The Fastest And Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Fleas In Carpet?

Oh, fleas! Aren’t these tiny creatures a nuisance?! Especially when you find those fleabites all over your body – sign that you are not sleeping alone.

Fleas are not only outdoor insects. They easily can pop in uninvited to your house, giddying up your pet and jumping freely throughout your house, and the next second you start scratching every inch of your body. Well, that’s the moment when fleas become your roomies.

If you are dealing only with one flea (something you will never know) it is said that it will eventually die of loneliness, because these tiny biting insects live in colonies. But, this is only a supposition. I bet that if a flea won’t let you sleep, there are more!

So, in order to get rid of fleas inside the house, you have to search and properly disinfect every inch of your house, because they can hide everywhere. However, fleas perfect place to nest is the carpet not only your dog or cat. Furthermore, they will take over your furniture, mattresses and pillows.

But, if you act immediately, you can destroy fleas nest from the carpet with some natural ingredients, without being necessary to call the exterminator or using chemical solutions.

You need:

  • Borax
  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Carpet brush

Steps to remove fleas out of the carpet:

  • Sprinkle Borax abundantly over the carpets in your house.
  • Take the carpet brush and rub Borax into the carpet to dehydrate fleas and their larvae.
  • Now, take your time and leave the Borax to act for 24 hours to kill any existing flea along with their eggs.
  • After the time elapsed, vacuum the Borax out of the carpet and dispose immediately the vacuum bag outside.
  • The next step is to fill the vacuum water dispenser with 1 part of vinegar and 3 parts of water and shampoo/vacuum the carpet thoroughly. This way you’ll remove any remaining flea and eggs.
  • Dump the vinegar-water immediately and clean up the dispenser.
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